Discover Art practices
for well-being and personal growth
with Maramora

Welcome to Maramora, a platform dedicated to fostering well-being and personal growth through art practices. At Maramora, we believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to enhance well-being and personal development. 

Our team comprises professionals skilled in various artistic mediums and psychology. Our art practices encompass work with text, visual arts, sounds, body, and mindfulness. We integrate art and psychology to help you find support and grounding within yourself through various practices and knowledge.

Join our community and embark on a transformative journey with art. Find support in art.

Maramora is...

"My journey with began in my home country where in times of crisis and pressure I started to create educational art opportunities for local communities. In that times we discovered art's incredible potential as a tool for support and personal transformation. I create with strong feeling that art  connection between people and it's powerful way to self-support".

Hanna Palei, cultural producer

You don't have to call yourself an artist

"Art is an important tool in my life. I would even say it is indispensable. It helps me to cope, to overcome, to make life more conscious. You don't have to call yourself an artist to be one in your everyday life. To share what you see and feel. Maramora will guide you and show you how immersing yourself in the art world and making art as a nonprofessional can help you find inspiration, release blockages, and achieve emotional well-being."

Natalia Trenina, co-founder and content director