Discover Art courses and practices for well-being and personal growth with Maramora.

Welcome to Maramora, a community-solution dedicated to fostering well-being and personal growth through art practices. At Maramora, we believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to enhance well-being and personal development. Our platform is built on a foundation of art courses and practices, designed to cater to those seeking artistic and psychological enrichment. Our team comprises professionals skilled in various artistic mediums including text, music and visual arts like photography, illustration and psychology.

Discover the world from different perspectives, ask questions, seek answers, and find solace in art. Maramora is not just a platform but a journey towards self-discovery and well-being through the lens of art.

To find support in arts. We offers Art Courses and Practices That Speak to You and Your Emotional State. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment where art becomes a tool for self-discovery and mental well-being.

Our art practices encompass work with text, visual arts, sounds, body, and mindfulness. We integrate art and psychology to help you find support and grounding within yourself through various practices and knowledge.

Join our community and embark on a transformative journey with art.

Maramora is...

"My journey with began in my home country where in times of crisis and pressure I started to create educational art opportunities for local communities. In that times we discovered art's incredible potential as a tool for support and personal transformation. I create with strong feeling that art  connection between people and it's powerful way to self-support".

Hanna Palei, cultural producer

You don't have to call yourself an artist

"Art is an important tool in my life. I would even say it is indispensable. It helps me to cope, to overcome, to make life more conscious. You don't have to call yourself an artist to be one in your everyday life. To share what you see and feel. Maramora will guide you and show you how immersing yourself in the art world and making art as a nonprofessional can help you find inspiration, release blockages, and achieve emotional well-being."

Natalia Trenina, co-founder and content director

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the necessary information, please send your question to
How does it work for learners?

After purchasing a course or lecture, you will receive access to a personal account with lectures, videocasts, course schedule, and details. The course is adapted to different device formats. Additionally, you will gain access to a private course community, where a curator will support you throughout the course.

How does it work for educators?

If you have an educational product (course, lecture, workshop, text and so on) that aligns with our mission, please write us to and describe your idea in detail. We discuss collaboration terms with each educator individually.

How do I join a course or lecture?

To apply for a course or lecture, please use the 'apply for' function on the corresponding page. After registering, you will receive an invoice for payment, and once the payment is made, you will have access to the lecture or course through your personal user account.

What is the learning language for the courses/lectures/texts?

For each course, the language is chosen individually. However, we target an international audience and strive to provide upcoming courses in English. Currently, the platform offers materials in English, Russian, and Belarusian.

For whom are your courses, lectures?

Our main goal is to involve as many people as possible in art education. We develop products both for art enthusiasts, who are not experts but simply enjoy art, and for art and cultural education professionals.

How do I get help and support during the course?

Each of our courses has 2 learning options: with curator support and without curator support. Curator support will help you go through the course more effectively, receiving feedback from the teacher. Regardless of the learning format you choose, we strive to create a nurturing learning atmosphere with support and care, without haste.

What is your refund policy?

If you are unable to access our courses or lectures due to technical issues or force majeure circumstances, we will gladly issue you a refund if you notify us within the first five days before the start date. No refund shall be offered because of a change of mind when a course has started. Please contact directly.

Do I get a receipt?

As soon as your payment has been received, you will get an email confirmation with your invoice.

How do I pay for my course, lecture?

After registering for the course, you will receive an invoice for payment, and after the payment is processed, you will receive a digital receipt confirming the payment.