This course is designed for individuals who are interested in exploring the world of contemporary art and developing their creative skills. It's ideal for beginners with no background in art, offering an easy and enjoyable way to dive into creative exploration aimed at personal discovery and growth.



Gain access to a series of pre-recorded videocasts. Study online whenever it suits you.

Each videocast features a digital lecture and a practical task, turning you into a researcher, creator, and practitioner.

Receive curatorial support through chats for practical tasks, making the learning process more engaging and supportive.


The course is not for curators, art historians and experts. It's perfect for those seeking a simple and liberating journey into the art world, aimed at expanding perception and offering relaxation.


Discover a new appreciation for art and its impact on the world.

This course will expand your perception of the world around you, allowing you to appreciate and respond to art in new and exciting ways. It provides a stress-free environment to enjoy the creative process, enhancing your practical skills and understanding of contemporary art.


Learn practical techniques for self-expression and self-discovery.

Understand various art forms like installation, performance, collage, sound art, and more and topics ranging from Modernism to New Technologies in Art, covering areas like Dadaism, Pop Art, Street Art, Conceptualism, and more.

Develop a deeper appreciation of contemporary art's role in society.


Track 1. Conformism

On an individual signature in space as a sign of clarity about yourself; on accepting inner poles to create a holistic identity; on integration of alienated parts of yourself.

Track 2. Internal censorship

On freedom consistent with the context; on primary and secondary integrity as navigation tools along a person’s individual route; on abstract inner beliefs in the consciousness and their real consequences in life.

Track 3. Rigidity of thought

On the assembly point of consciousness capable of spontaneous and planned dynamics; on getting stuck in certain subpersonal dynamics and the consequences of this; on the state of the “observer” as a position outside of black and white thinking, striving for contact with internal and external reality.

Track 4. Desire to find an answer immediately

On the ability to accept contextual constraints while maintaining internal integrity; on weakness as part of each person’s individual cycle; on the actual needs and position of an adult who creates a holiday for themselves; on interpretations of reality.

Track 5. Fear of novelty

On the acceptance of change which is based on the experience consistent with the context, but open to external and internal dynamics; on anxiety and its compensatory strategy - control; on the center of the inner space; on the search for inner support: modern and historical context.

Track 6. Laziness - procrastination

On the liberation from ‘burnouts’ in spheres of life with the focus of attention; on the stages of the creative process; on incubation as the most important stage of creative thinking and a way of trusting life; on the race for insights.

Track 7. Confusion in the face of the complexity or importance of the task

On personal goals in tune with the values that resonate with a person’s soul; on the difference between goals and values; on limiting beliefs; on excessive confidence in one’s thoughts; on choosing a not so positive, but realistic interpretation of events.

30 min/video
Nino Khundadze, photo
110 USD
10 videocasts
Nino Khundadze, photo

VideoCast Topics

1. From Modernism to Postmodernism. Art as a Total Experiment.
2. Randomness. Collage. Art beyond Logic. Dadaism. Merz Art. Surrealism.
3. Everyday Life. Duchamp and Readymade. Junk Art, Pop Art.
4. Urbanism. Situationist International. Appropriation. Street Art.
5. Postmodernism. Appropriation.
6. Context. Conceptualism. Minimalism.
7. Processuality and Performativity in Art. Basic Concepts and Trends.
8. Topics of Contemporary Art. Physicality and Autobiographical Motives in the Performative Practices of Contemporary Art.
9. Site-Specific Art. Land Art. Environmental Art. Public Art.
10. Contemporary Art and New Technologies. Media Art. Sound Art. Video Art.

Learners told us

The course material is presented in simple language, which is valuable for people not previously associated with art. My homework made me wake up and take a fresh look at the usual things. It turns out that I am a person of art too, although I have never identified myself so before.

Viktoria M.,  

educator and coordinator social events

For me, the most valuable thing was a combination of theoretical lectures and practical creative assignments. It was cool not only to listen and read, but also to apply everything in practice. Also, the experiment with different materials and techniques was useful. As an artist, I don’t have that kind of freedom in my life for hours, and here I was able to immerse myself in carefree art. Modern art no longer seems to me a mysterious, incomprehensible beast. Now I have a clear picture and understanding of the main directions and artists.

Vasil K.,  

founder of art school in Belarus

It was my «hunt» for graphics in black and white squares. Slowly moving through space to find them. Lines, spots, textures, tones, unexpected shapes and plots are the contents of my «pictures of everyday life».

Volha S., 

artist and educator

Broadening of horizons, acquaintance with directions in modern art and their main representatives, interesting homework.

Iryna J., 

theater actress


Artist and contemporary art lector. The focus of her research is performative art and socially-oriented art in the public space. She organized lectures on contemporary art, master classes and curated exhibitions within the independent art platform.

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