visual language And storytelling

The course will provide you with a structured understanding of how to harness the potential of images and stories. You will learn about effective tools of visual language and storytelling, develop the foundation of visual communication for your company/project, and learn how to base your decisions on values of ethics and diversity. Additionally, you will acquire skills in creating technical specifications and working productively with artists and designers.

2 hour per week
Nino Khundadze, photo
139 USD
6 online webinars
Nino Khundadze, photo

Hi! I’m Lena.
I am illustrator, comics artist and workshop curator.

Since 2018, Lena has mainly been working on social, cultural, and educational projects. She collaborated with Oxford University Press, UNICEF, 34mag, SOS Children's Villages and many more. Additionally, she gives lectures, conducts author courses and workshops on illustration, comics, visual communication, and storytelling, curates workshops, and mentors in international programs.

“Thanks to the curator Lena for helping to reveal the interesting aspects of my creativity, for the detailed feedback and warm atmosphere.”

Alisa, iIlustrator, Tbilisi


Track 1. Conformism

On an individual signature in space as a sign of clarity about yourself; on accepting inner poles to create a holistic identity; on integration of alienated parts of yourself.

Track 2. Internal censorship

On freedom consistent with the context; on primary and secondary integrity as navigation tools along a person’s individual route; on abstract inner beliefs in the consciousness and their real consequences in life.

Track 3. Rigidity of thought

On the assembly point of consciousness capable of spontaneous and planned dynamics; on getting stuck in certain subpersonal dynamics and the consequences of this; on the state of the “observer” as a position outside of black and white thinking, striving for contact with internal and external reality.

Track 4. Desire to find an answer immediately

On the ability to accept contextual constraints while maintaining internal integrity; on weakness as part of each person’s individual cycle; on the actual needs and position of an adult who creates a holiday for themselves; on interpretations of reality.

Track 5. Fear of novelty

On the acceptance of change which is based on the experience consistent with the context, but open to external and internal dynamics; on anxiety and its compensatory strategy - control; on the center of the inner space; on the search for inner support: modern and historical context.

Track 6. Laziness - procrastination

On the liberation from ‘burnouts’ in spheres of life with the focus of attention; on the stages of the creative process; on incubation as the most important stage of creative thinking and a way of trusting life; on the race for insights.

Track 7. Confusion in the face of the complexity or importance of the task

On personal goals in tune with the values that resonate with a person’s soul; on the difference between goals and values; on limiting beliefs; on excessive confidence in one’s thoughts; on choosing a not so positive, but realistic interpretation of events.


Lecture 1. Visual language

Visual language and communication: what it is and how it impacts the viewer and your project. Visual associations.

Lecture 2. Visual language tools

Visual language tools and how to use them in specific projects, ideas, blogs and so on.

Lecture 3. Matching visual language

Matching visual language to the idea and values of the brand/project messaging: message, tone of voice, reaching the target audience, and communication ways.

Lecture 4. Storytelling

Storytelling as an effective tool for communication, attention-grabbing, and emotional engagement.

Lecture 5. Ethics, diversity and inclusivity

Ethics, diversity and inclusivity, importance of representation of different perspectives, examples.

Lecture 6. Working with visual specialists

Working with visual specialists (designers, artists), what to consider, what to include in the technical task, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Digital certificate.


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