online eventNovember 23, 2023 at 18.00 CET

Why do we listen to what we listen to? Why and how does music affect us?

Lecture from Vova Potapenko - musician, owner of | online music school in Ableton, computer music arranger and teacher. At the event we will look for our special musical rhythm.


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Lecture from Vova Potapenko

At the event we will look for our special musical rhythm and discuss:

Why and how does music affect us?
Why do we like what we listen to?
How do we choose music and do we choose?

For whom

You're passionate about music and want to look at your musical preferences through the prism of emotions
You're a musician and looking for inspiration
You're a psychologist, therapist or someone who is interested in the influence of music on the emotional and psychological state of a person



Date: November 23, 2023 at 18.00 CET
Duration: 1h 30m
Venue: ZOOM platform by pre-registration
Language: RU (main) / EN (simultaneous translation)

Facilitator and author of the meeting

Vova Potapenko

a musician, owner of the school, computer music arranger and teacher. He has been creating music since 2007 and since then he has had many releases in different musical directions: dance vinyl house (Lipski), chill instrumental hip-hop (Patapenka), vocal dream pop (Myph). Since 2013, he has been teaching music in Minsk, both online and offline, and has worked with many famous musicians - Palina, Intelligency, Mustelide, Yegor Zabelov, viikatory, RSP, Dee Tree, Paulina Melekh, Ann Kovtun, ŠUMA, Ana Zhdanova and many other musicians who he helped set up the process of creating their own music in Ableton live.


‘I believe that the most important thing in creativity is not talent, as is often the case, but a healthy person who, through talent, shows their desire for a healthy life.

I admire not the people’s genius, but the way they use this genius.

I believe that in a person’s creative life, the most important factor is their uniqueness. By developing our individuality (and not a hidden desire to be like someone, somehow in the future), we fill ourselves with meaning and true pleasure, which is rightfully given to us by nature itself. By creating without “intermediaries”, we become valuable as creative people and bring something truly new into the world.

Essentially, as a teacher, I look for ways to establish your creative contact with yourself so that you can create in the future and find self-sufficiency and pleasure in it.