6 videocasts
 practical tasks and a bonus
1 hour per lecture

Writing As…

'Writing As…,' offers the vision of writing not only as a necessarily professional domain but also as a natural skill you can always pleasantly elaborate on – to become more observant, boost your memory, share your insights with the world, and have fun.
Olga Bubich, the author of the course, says: ‘Our perception of written texts may have probably undergone some transformations, but our love for literature is still here. We continue to use this channel of communication to tell stories and leave traces – skills that appear to be timeless.’
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Start on January 20, 2024

Photo credit: Andrey Dubinin
“Hi, my name is Olga Bubich. For more than 20 years, I have been working with texts and images, combining my interest in language (in a very broad sense) with teaching. For over a decade, I taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences and the Institute of Journalism, having co-authored a few books still used in Belarusian high schools for teaching ESP and designed my own curricula for several courses. Among my favorite ones there is a course on photography in Visual Studies and a course where, together with my students, we explore the intricate relations between memory and art.
As a journalist and essayist, I have collaborated with European, American, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Russian media. And the topics of my texts, I must confess, varied significantly. I wrote about photography and photobooks, travelingtravelling and perfume, and made interviews with artists, curators, perfumers and even singers. I am the author of two photobooks and a participant in about 30 personal and group exhibitions.
Among my interviewees there have been photographers Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Alec Soth, Simon Norfolk, Adam Broomberg, Donald Weber, Rob Hornstra, Hellen van Meene, Jessie Mann, Michael Ackerman, the singers LP, Shuma, Toto Cutugno and Ilya Cherepko-Samokhvalov (Petlya pristrastiya), the DJ Mustelide and the perfumers and brand owners of “Amouage”, “By Kilian”, “Ex Nihilo”, “BDK”, “Histoires de Parfums” and many others.
I told you – my sphere of interests is quite wide.
“Writing As…” offers my expertise in memory research, English teaching, and writing – all three being the fields I truly love and continue to develop, also as an avid reader and a free-time student myself.
6 videocasts and a bonus

Each lecture lasts ±30 mins and finishes up with a practical assignment based on the tools introduced in the lesson.

The process

From lecture to lecture, you’ll be introduced to some of the “writing tools” borrowed from different reputable English-speaking sources. You will move from theory to practice and get exciting (but realistic) assignments that would help you keep your new knowledge - literally - at your fingertips. A corpus of examples comes from classic novels, poems, essays and sometimes also songs and, hopefully, will make you enjoy the magic of creative writing even more.

What you need:

- A laptop, an ipad or a mobile phone to listen and watch the lectures. A laptop is preferable for working with larger fragments of texts shown in the lectures; 
- Pen/pencil/mobile phone for taking notes.


Lecture 1. Memory Matters
Lecture 2. The God of Small Things
Lecture 3. Climb Up High – but Don’t Forget to Get Down
Lecture 4. Give Air, Set Rhythm
Lecture 5. Waltz with Your Colon
Lecture 6. Around Writing

The course was created within the media-educational project "Support in Arts" which is a series of interviews, publications, essays, educational courses and events from representatives of the Belarusian art community and art educators who work in various fields of art (illustration, design, modern dance, visual art, fashion, modern poetry and prose, photography, music, cinema) and interpret the modern context in their practices.

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