Architect, photographer, artist, mother. Lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nino talks about her anti-censorship artistic practice called "Whispered Shouts" implemented in digital space and how digital spaces can be used as a safe place to express yourself.

I am Nino Khundadze. I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. I was totally into art from early childhood. After high school I studied at the Art Academy, received a master's degree in architecture and worked in several architectural studios for a few years. After this my life changed, transformed from an ordinary one into something totally different, full of adventures, full of stories that one might not even believe were real. Life got me back to art. There is so much I want to tell. There is so much I want to write in words and paint with colors that sometimes I think one life is not enough. So here I am, doing my best for this moment, sharing through my art.

Ninp Khundadze, Playing with light

In today's world people are suppressed and limited in so many ways. There is a lack of spaces, both in the real and virtual world, where everyone is welcome just the way they are. Where it's safe to be their true selves and express themselves without being judged. It feels like there is a mass illness of holding ourselves back and pushing forward the need of putting masks on to fit in, to be part of the society where somehow being our authentic selves mostly feels wrong and rejected.

I always feel called to push my own boundaries, to get outside of my comfort zone and create space for exploration. A safe space where people can be themselves. Where they can share and they will be heard. Where everyone's experience matters. I believe that when we let our authentic selves out and share our experiences while witnessing others, the world around us transforms into something more beautiful together with us. 

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I have been organizing photo walks, creative writing meetings, eye gazing and other creative events in my city, Tbilisi, and the experience has always amazed me and the participants. I had a chance to realize the 'Transparent Box' installation idea which served exactly the same purpose.

Nino Khundadze, photo

A project by Nino Khundadze that was meant to create a space for people to share their dreams, sorrow and much more. It all started with an empty transparent box and empty papers in 5 colors at Tbilisi Metro Fest. Each color had a theme to invited people to share. 257 notes captured the abstract emotional picture of those hours when the installation was in Tbilisi metro and will touch everyone's heart who will decide to read. Those notes are obvious examples of how alike we all are, while being totally unique. It shows how we all dream and suffer in the same way and how sharing holds the magic of seeing the whole picture, instead of staring at one the whole time.

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Nino Khundadze, photo

I think 'Whispered Shouts' was a natural step after all that I have been doing here, as it breaks the boundaries of a physical space, borders, limitations and creates a space in visual reality that will hopefully make the space accessible for everyone who would like to share, despite all that stopped them before.

'Whispered Shouts' is a safe space that is made of black boxes built in a clear sequence. Each black box can be accessed by any user, but each user remains anonymous. Into this black box you can put your wishes without any censorship, expressing yourself boldly. In this way the virtual space allows you to create an anonymous safe place.

It's called Whispered Shouts  because the voices of people in their busy everyday lives are so suppressed that they are like quiet whispers, but they actually want to break free and shout.

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