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The Body: Fields of Corporeality

The course explores the transformations of attitudes toward the human body in the culture and traces historical origins of its current perception. Bodies — living, diverse, performing — are influenced by numerous external forces, but despite this, one can try to preserve the body’s independence. At the center of the course is an idea of liberation, broadly understood as the removal of constraining, tight, disturbing, pinching, and discriminatory settings, both on the level of consciousness and daily practice.

Start in February | Authors: Hanna Sosnovik, Olga Trufanova, Elina Usovskaya, Lena Pogorelova

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The 'Playlist of Adequacy' is a unique audio series designed to foster self-acceptance and mental clarity. It features 7 supporting texts turned into audio tracks each under 10 minutes, offering a meditative, insight-provoking experience.


This course is designed for individuals who are interested in exploring the world of contemporary art and developing their creative skills. It's ideal for beginners with no background in art, offering an easy and enjoyable way to dive into creative exploration aimed at personal discovery and growth.

Art | writing
Writing As...

'Writing As…,' offers the vision of writing not only as a necessarily professional domain but also as a natural skill you can always pleasantly elaborate on – to become more observant, boost your memory, share your insights with the world, and have fun.